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Single Ply

In today’s society, flat roofing has become a less popular style of roofing than low sloped and other roofing styles, as it’s known for leaks and adhesive failure. During long Boise winters and thawing summers, the material seems to weaken and cause the roof to slope or fail. At Intermountain Roofing Company we have the solution! The main cause of roof leaks in single ply membrane systems is adhesive failure and failing seams. This issue can be caused by a number of ways, but more often are due to improper installation and weakened material. For many residential customers, flat roofs have become an outdated style of roofing. For many businesses, it’s a preferred choice as it allows easy access to the roof, when needed, without the risk of a falling hazard. At Intermountain Roofing Company, we believe roofing never goes out of style.

To make the most of your single ply membrane and allow for long lasting material, here are a few tips to elongate the lifespan of your roof.

Proper Installation

When installing single ply membrane it’s important to know the variables that go along with installation (weather, temperature, time of year, etc.). If you don’t consider the weather and begin installation in too hot or too cold temperatures, it can cause the adhesive to fail or bond improperly. At Intermountain roofing company we are trained to handle any type of roofing material and know the important factors to consider during installation. We perform the installation that’s appropriate for each material, such as mechanically attached, fully adhered, etc.
Know the Material

Before any job, we must consider the type of home and region our customer lives in. With each type of roof comes special tools, supplies, and different products needed. We consider upcoming seasons and any other factor that may interfere with the sealing process, before installation. With different types of roofing such as PVC/CPA, TPO, and EPDM it’s important to know the characteristics of each material to assure we obtain the best results.

Proper care and upkeep are essential to your roof. All to often you see sloping roofs or leaking cracks due to harsh winters and poor upkeep. To assure your roof stays sturdy for years to come, it’s important to give it the care it needs. At Intermountain Roofing company in Boise, we offer roof maintenance service, flat roof repair and roof leak repair, even after installation.

Whether you’re looking for a simple roof repair, roof replacement, or a roof remodel, we are here to help. We will maintain your roof in the summer and clean it up in the winter to keep your home sturdy for years to come.


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